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In Between States / In zwischen Zuständen

In Between States
27.5.¬ 26.6.2022

Galerie Herold exhibition project focuses on concrete castings as interventions on the streets of Bremen and Espoo in Finland. Our aim was to explore public space and inclusion. Despite the seemingly restorative, even absurd nature of the intervention, the casting actions placed us on fluid ground, at the intersection of different functional roles and multiple interest groups. We carried out a risk analysis in advance in relation to competence and responsibility, i.e. issues related to working in this field. However, the analysis cannot completely eliminate the uncertainty and unpredictability of working in a public space.

The works in the exhibition merge expression and documentation. Through material diversity, we explore the process of intervention, the ideas and feelings of exclusion and inclusion it evokes in us.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a symposium on inclusion from 4 to 5 June 2022 at Tor 26, Güterbahnhof - Areal für Kunst und Kultur.